VHCA 2022 Training 

Currently OPENHOUSE format (free form all weapons welcome, no fees)
Monday’s 6:30PM – 9:00PM with MSS
Packer Park Pavilion

120  Leila Rd, Carnegie.
Free parking outside the door.
For questions please call David Roche on 0433 13 23 33

NEW FENCER (Sabre) Training 

VHCA runs New Sabre fencer  programs in small groups

The current class is underway, Please contact Graeme Aiton 0406 627 321 or David Roche to discuss your needs and be put on the list for the next class
Reservations are essential as space and equipment is limited.
All participants must be fully Vaccinated and able to show proof of vaccination.


VHCA Sabre sword HEMA Beginners Class

VHCA, the Victorian Historical Combat Academy,  is the only HEMA club in Bayside Melbourne and focuses on teaching and practicing 19th-century Italian military sabre fencing.

Italian military sabre fencing is one of the pre-eminent sword martial art systems upon which modern fencing is based. It is the style based on Milan based  Giuseppe Radaelli and formally adopted for Officer and Cavalry training while also being used  extensively and very successfully for duelling and sporting purposes.

It is an enjoyable way to learn about sword fighting and history, while also improving fitness and having the opportunity to meet new people in a supportive and very friendly environment.  The culture of the club is intentionally open, friendly and collaborative as we all lean together.

The club has trained professional actors and an article about us in the Herald Sun newspaper can be found here.

New members are always welcome, and it is easy and free to try – training is now on Monday nights at Packer Park Pavillion, Carnegie.

Contact us at vhcahema@gmail.com or call David Roche on 0433 13 23 33

All participants must show that they are fully immunised.