Introduction to Leboucher la canne – 8 Week Course

Leboucher Plate 11 - Riposte to Inside Face after Parry of Tierce vs blow to outside face

Welcome to the Leboucher la canne introductory course for the Victorian Historical Combat Academy. The course will teach you the basic techniques and movements of French cane fighting, as published in Theory of Learning La Canne in 25 Lessons (1843) by M. Louis AV Leboucher of Rouen, a celebrated professor of la canne, baton, finesse and boxing.

The style is very similar to various sabre and cane styles that came before and after it, but has a number of elements distinct to itself.

The course will run for eight weeks and taught by senior instructor Shannon Walker, who has been studying Historical European Martial Arts since 2009.

Fees: $100 for the eight week course.

Location and Time: 7pm in the School Hall of the Moorabbin Primary School, Worthing Road, Moorabbin, Victoria.