Established in 2016, the Victorian Historical Combat Academy (VHCA) is a Melbourne-based Historical European Martial Arts School teaching students 19th Century Italian military sabre and in a safe and friendly environment.

The school uses modern equipment and teaching methods to deliver a curriculum based on primary historical sources from the 19th century. We are not a re-enactment or live-roleplaying group. Rather, we are a modern martial art based on real historical European sources. Our main focus of study is Italian sabre based on The Art of the Dueling Sabre, a modern English translation of an 1872 Italian military fencing manual.

VHCA’s Chief instructor is Sebastian Seager. Assisted by Graeme Aiton and David Roche.

Sebastian has been teaching at the VHCA since 2017 and is an avid researcher of Italian sabre fencing – see Radaellian Scholar Blog which has a world wide following within HEMA.