The Art of the Dueling Sabre, Christopher Holtzman’s translation of Settimo del Frate’s 1872 Military Sabre manual Istruzione per la scherma di sciabola e di spada del professore Giuseppe Radaelli scritta d’ordine del Ministero della Guerra.

Cold Steel: A Practical Treatise on the Sabre, written by Captain Alfred Hutton in 1889.

Lessons in Sabre, Singlestick, Sabre and Bayonet, and Sword Feats; or, How to use a cut and thrust Sword (1880) by John Musgrave Waite.

La Canne (Singlestick):

Theory of learning la canne in 25 lessons, published in 1843 by Louis AV Leboucher of Rouen.

The Bartitsu Compendium Vol. 1 (2005), edited by Tony Wolfe.

The Walking Stick Method of Self-Defence (c. 1923) by HG Lang.


Manual of Bayonet Exercise: Prepared for the Use of the Army of the United States (1862) by George B. McClellan, Commander-in-Chief of the US Army.

Angelo’s Bayonet Exercises 1857, by Henry Angelo, the superintendent for sword exercises in the Horse Guards.

A Complete System of Bayonet Exercises, written in 1853 by Richard F. Burton.

Other 19th Century Manuals:

Self Defense for Gentlemen and Ladies, written in the 1870s by Colonel Thomas Hoyer Monstery.

Melbourne HEMA Schools

Melbourne is well-served with schools teaching Historical European Martial Arts and Western Martial Arts, including:

Melbourne Swordplay Guild: VHCA’s parent school, teaching Fiore dei Liberi’s 14th century Italian longsword, dagger and grappling. Based in Footscray.

Glen Lachlann Estate College of Arms: Teaching a blend of traditional Western Martial Arts (mainly longsword) and modern sports science biomechanics. Based in Richmond.

Fechtshule Victoria: Based in Canterbury, FSV teach longsword in the German Lichtenauer tradition, mainly using 14th and 15th Century manuals.

School of Historical Fencing: With a focus on Italian sword fighting traditions, SHF teaches sword & buckler, rapier and longsword from the 15th – 17th Centuries. They can be found in Carlton.

Fitzroy College of Arms: Based in Fitzroy, FCA focuses mainly on the 16th-17th Century backsword fighting manual of Englishman George Silver.

AESIR: Teaching 18th Century English and Scottish broadsword and sabre, AESIR is based in Weribbee and runs classes on Sunday mornings.

Other Australian HEMA Schools

Victorian-era HEMA Schools

Gemeiner Academy of Savate – Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Lonin (Victorian-era Class) – Seattle, Washington, USA.

Schola Gladitoria (Victorian-era Classes) – Various locations in the UK.

Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship (Sabre and Singlestick classes) – Phoenix, AZ, USA.

Useful HEMA information

Wiktenauer – an online encyclopaedia with an excellent collection of primary and secondary source literature that makes up the text of historical European martial arts research. Not very good for Victorian-era manuals.

The Schola Forum – a database of over 650 Historical European Martial Arts manuals from the 1300s to 1945, hosted by Schola Gladitoria.

Defense dans la rue – resources about late 19th Century / Early 20th Century French street fighting styles.

Bartitsu Society – an online resource / community of bartitsu scholars and practitioners. Bartitsu is a mixed martial art developed in the UK in the late 1800s.

Hema Misfits (I Don’t Do Long Sword) – a blog for non-Longsword HEMA practitioners. Lots of interesting articles about 19th Century European Martial Arts.


Leon Paul – Top of the range fencing company who now supply quality HEMA gear. Highly recommended but expensive.

SPES – One of the best HEMA protective gear suppliers.

Absolute Force – Martial Arts suppliers with an extensive range of HEMA protective gear.

WMA Shop – Australian-based supplier of synthetic swords and HEMA protective gear.

Darkwood Armory – Good quality steel swords and other HEMA products.

St Mark – We’re all waiting to see if these guys really have made the HEMA glove we’ve all been crying out for…

Danelli Armouries – One of the great HEMA sword smiths.

Regenyei Armoury – Another excellent sword smith.